There's never been anything
like the GTO.

The World's Finest Concealed Carry Laser.

GTO fits onto almost any
Picatinny Rail

armalaser gto laser
ArmaLaser flx grip touch laser activation
armalaser flx grip touch option
ArmaLaser flx grip touch option with GTO laser

Custom fit for your pistol model.

Made from the same material as polymer pistols.

FLX's are made from an ultra-thin,
ultra-strong NASA-used polymer
with 3M adhesive backing

armalaser flx grip touch activation laser

Will not harm pistol finish,
cleaning solvent-resistant.
super-strong and stays put.

high-impact dupont zytel frn makes every armalaser the toughest laser money can buy

armalaser flx grip touch activation laser

Can be used without a FLX.

Laser can also be activated by touching GTO sides.


armalaser gto series laser with touch activation

activate laser by touching either side contact with extended trigger finger.

don't install the included FLX if you prefer this activation method.

Easy to live with.

convenient battery door. simple laser adjustment.
master kill switch for iron-sights practice.

gto battery door

Battery door means never needing
to re-adjust laser after battery changes.

gto wind adjustment setting

Easy control over windage and elevation

Watch how easy it is to install a FLX.

Find a GTO/FLX Combo for your pistol model.



use our glove patches to activate laser with gloves on.

ArmaLaser contact patches
ArmaLaser 5 year warranty

Longest laser warranty.

Read the ArmaCare 5-year Warranty.

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