U.S. Patent 9,328,994
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armalaser tr-series grip touch activation

Yes, the laser activates just by gripping your pistol.

IMMEDIATE. Without having to think about it, the TR will throw out the most powerful laser beam the law will allow as soon as you grasp your pistol, accurately and immediately. Using human touch, True Touch Technology, you'll have a normal, natural feel without an awkward push button on the grip.

Touch Sensor is located in the perfect spot

Right at the point where the trigger guard and pistol grip meet. Where your middle finger naturally rests.

ArmaLaser tr-series sensor
ArmaLaser touch sensor is superior

All competing lasers use push-buttons

All TR models turn on by human touch, not by a mechanical switch or button. As soon as you grasp your pistol, the True-Touch Activation sensor will turn the laser on and keep it on as long as you're grasping the grip.

It is seamless and immediate and requires no button to be pushed or secondary operation.

Move your middle finger forward and the laser will shut off.

Now Available in both Green and Red

ArmaLaser only uses the 635nm wavelength in our red lasers. 635nm is up to 5 times brighter than standard 650nm lasers.

armalaser tr series lasers in red and green

For the highest visibility, green lasers can't be beaten. ArmaLaser green lasers have the highest battery life of any concealed carry laser.

Custom-Fit for Your Pistol Model

armalaser tr series lasers custom fit your pistol

Rock Solid Mounting. Made from same Dupont Zytel as pistol.

armalaser tr series made with high impact dupont zytel

High-impact DuPont Zytel FRN makes
every ArmaLaser the toughest laser money can buy.

Easy to Live With

ArmaLaser TR Series close-up view

Plenty of Holster Options

ArmaLaser laser fit holsters

Choose from LASER-FIT Holsters from ArmaLaser / DeSantis or these other custom holster makers. Find your model & select a holster.

Warranty and Unedited, Unfiltered, REAL Reviews

ArmaLaser 5 year warranty

Longest laser warranty.

Read the ArmaCare 5-year Warranty.

ArmaLaser reviews

Unedited, unfiltered REAL reviews.

Read Amazon reviews on every product page

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ArmaLaser TR-Series TR14 laser ArmaLaser TR-Series TR14G laser

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ArmaLaser TR-Series TR21 laser ArmaLaser TR-Series TR21G laser

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ArmaLaser TR-Series TR27 laser ArmaLaser TR-Series TR27G laser

Engineered to fit

ArmaLaser TR-Series TR30 laser ArmaLaser TR-Series TR30G laser

Engineered to fit

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