What is touch activation?

Touch Activation = Advanced Technology

If you've ever used a smart phone or ATM touch screen, then you already know what touch activation is. Superior to mechanical switches, ArmaLaser believes that one day all advanced firearms accessories will use ArmaLaser-style switching.

Touch Activation vs. Mechanical Switch Activation

Mechanical SwitchTouch Activation
Accidental ActivationVery likely Not likely
ComfortAwkward feel on grip Perfectly natural grip
CompatibilityConditional on shape of hands Works with a wider range of hands
ImmediacyMust reach for or apply pressure Instantly on by normally gripping pistol

Even mechanical switches have problems with heavily padded gloves. Use our new metallic-threaded ultra-thin glove patches to insure activation reliability with all types of gloves.

Learn more about grip and finger touch activation. Watch our informative video series.

Make it Work with Gloves

Glove Contacts

Our Glove Contacts are PERFECT for using your system while wearing gloves.They're also great for your smart phone or tablet. A pack of 4 Glove Contacts can be purchased for less than $10.00. A contact should be placed on either the fingertips (when using GTO in Finger Touch Mode) or at the top part of your middle finger for all TR-Series lasers and if using GTO with a FLX in Grip Touch Mode.

Glove Contacts

Glove Contacts stick aggressively and stay put even in harsh conditions. Made from a metalized fabric with 3M adhesive backing, Glove Contacts will fully cure 72 hours after sticking onto your gloves.